Nate's Point Off-Leash Dog Park
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Nate's in the News

On January 26, 2016, the Beneful team, in partnership with the City of San Diego and the Balboa Park Conservancy, will lend a paw to the San Diego community by helping to make improvements to Nate’s Point Off-Leash Dog Park, located in the city’s popular Balboa Park. The Beneful team will work side-by-side with community members to help with beautification efforts in the dog park. These efforts will include the planting of 18 24”-36” trees and installation of 8’x8’ fencing around each tree. Volunteers needed!

In addition to making hands-on improvements in the dog park, the Beneful team is supporting the Nate’s Point Off-Leash Dog Park with a $20,000 donation to help enhance the park experience for dogs and owners and advance additional park improvements on the park’s to-do list. The Beneful team’s support is part of the Beneful Dream Dog Park Project, a program created to help bring new dog parks to life or improve existing ones through a combination of financial support, hands-on volunteerism and shared dog park expertise.

Help Our Dog Park!!!

The City of San Diego has approved an Improvement Plan for Nate's Point Off-Leash Area, and we need the support of the community to complete the upgrades.

Find out more about the Improvement Plan.

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